Our partners

Since its foundation in the 1970’s and its transformation to a joint stock company in the 1990’s, our company has grown in experience and know-how, steadily building its client base all over Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia, and, indirectly in Australia, South America and South Africa.

We have grown together with our clients, establishing good, traditional relationships especially on the Spanish, German and Italian market where we’ve been present with our products for the past 23 years or so.

We are ever-expanding our contacts worldwide in: Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Austria, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium in South-Eastern, Central and Western Europe.

We also export to Russia, Ukraine, The E.A.U., Kazakhstan in the Far East (Asia) and to Algeria and South Africa on the African continent. We have good contacts to Australia and South America with the help of our partners.