Oil & Fire resistant conveyor belts

Oil & Fire resistant conveyor belts

ARTEFIREOIL fire and oil resistant conveyor belts with textile insertion are specially designed to convey materials rich in oils and fats with high flammability risk. This type of belt is available in several versions, according to our internal standards: GM+K, GM+S, G+K, ROS+K, ROS+S.
The carcass is made of polyamide / polyester (EP) or polyester / polyester (EE).         

ARTECORD belts are manufactured according to the DIN 22131-88 standard.

Characteristics of the covers:

The flammability tests are conducted according to the ISO 340 standard, while the antistatic properties are tested according to the ISO 284 standard.

Flame resistant ARTECORD belts are available with the following classes of resistance: ST 800; ST 1000; ST 1250; ST 1600; ST 2000; ST 2500; ST 3150; ST 4000 (for ST 4000, please contact our sales department for details).
The maximum width of ARTECORD belts is of 2000 mm.

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