Drums reconditioning

Drums reconditioning

S.C. Artego S.A. reconditions worn drums by using a wide variety of materials specially engineered to withstand different working conditions:
– for the food processing industry;
– oil and grease resistant;
– heat resistant;
– mud and humidity resistant.

The process of reconditioning starts by removing the worn layer on rubber by turning on a special machine and then hot vulcanizing a new layer of rubber. The thickness of the rubber is between 10 and 25 mm.

Technical specifications of the rubber:
– tensile strength is minimum 140 kgf/cm2;
– elongation at break is minimum 400%;
– hardness is 60±5 degrees Shore A;
– abrasion resistant is maximum 250 mm3;
The adhesion between rubber and metal is minimum 15 kgf/cm.

For reconditioning the drive pulleys one must take into account the rotational sense of the pulley (drum).

For drums which are used in subterranean environments we use antistatic and fireproof rubber made according to mining security and safety norms.

We recondition drums with the below dimensions:
– 245 to 1600 mm in diameter;
– 600 to 6000 mm in length.