Chevron and Griptop conveyor belts

Chevron and Griptop conveyor belts

ARTECHEVRON conveyor belts

ARTECHEVRON belts are used to transport humid and / or bulk materials (coals and minerals, powdery materials (sand, coal powder and grains) on steep slopes. Chevron type profiles prevent or reduce sliding and increase the quantity of transported goods. They can transport bulk materials up to angles of 17º ˜ 18º and packaged goods up to angles between 30º ˜ 50º. The profile and top layer are cast simultaneously to increase their resistance and adhesion, being recommended for general use. They are also resistant to oils, having the same characteristics as the standard flat belts. This type of belt can be used in temperatures between 30°C and +150°C.
The carcass is made of: polyamide / polyester (EP), polyester / polyester (EE) or polyamide / polyamide (PP).

ARTEGRIP conveyor belts

The Griptop conveyor belt was designed to transport fragile or easily distorting materials, such as: glass, paper bags, cardboard boxes, etc. and can be used on slopes of up to 30-35 degrees, depending on the materials to be conveyed, in environments with temperatures ranging between -30°C  and +70 °C. The anti-slip surface is ideal for applications in steep places.
The carcass is made of polyamide / polyester (EP) or polyester / polyester (EE).

The ARTECHEVRON and ARTEGRIP conveyor belts are available with various quality covers.

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