Moulded and profiled rubber gaskets

Moulded and profiled rubber gaskets

Rubber gaskets are divided in two large categories, depending on the manufacturing availability and technology: moulded and profiled gaskets. The difference between the two is given by the technology used in the manufacturing process: the first are manufactured in moulds through hot pressing; profiled gaskets are manufactured by extrusion.

The extrusion process is completed with the help of a wide range of extrusion profiles and they are vulcanized in autoclaves with controlled temperature throughout the entire technological process (giant furnaces).


S.C. ARTEGO S.A. offers a wide range of gaskets:
– simple, without reinforcements;
– with textile insertions for flexibility;
– with metallic reinforcements for rigidity;
– with different mixtures: SBR, NR, NBR, EPDM, upon customer’s request.


» “O” rings
» Rectangular section rings
» “U” shaped gaskets
» Hoses and clutches
» Friction plates
» Rubber rings for conveyor metallic rollers
» Rubber cleats for conveyor belts
» Separating skirts
» Sealing rubber cords
» Bearings
» Snow scrapers
» “U” shaped sleeves
» Rubber sidewalls